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Sarah is a qualified Sound Therapist 

Sarah qualified as a sound therapist in 2017 with The College of Sound Healing, the extensive practitioner course took her through her own healing pathway where she learned all the healing elements required to share this wonderful ancient modality with you today. 


Combining intuitive healing abilities with the science of sound healing has become the go-to treatment today for reducing stress.  


Each experience is unique, the pure sounds and vibrations from the instruments used will take you on your own healing journey. The sound healing instruments played are Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Gong and a Mercury Gong, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Tuning folks, Chimes and Shamanic Drums. 

The room is beautifully arranged with candles and relaxing lighting,  you will have the choice of lying on a therapy couch or on a comfortable mat on the floor.  One-One treatments include Reiki and some hands-on healing, working directly in areas of your body that need the most healing.   No two treatments are the same, our bodies change all the time and this means the treatment will also change to be in alignment with you and what you need. 

The benefits of sound and meditation work hand in hand, allowing your body to naturally rejuvenate, strengthen your immune system and increase the serotonin production in the body. These benefits along with deep relaxation support you to rebalance, reduce low moods, improve symptoms of stress and anxiety,  lower blood pressure, reduce tension and headaches, reduce chronic pain and will aid better sleep.  

The sounds and vibrations of the instruments used in sound therapy help to deepen your state of relaxation, using these tuned sounds our brain wave will drop down from being in a busy wide awake Beta state of mind into being  Alpha and Theta which is a more meditative state of mind.

Whilst in this relaxed state your body can identify what areas need extra healing or nurturing, this can be physical or mental and will bring the body back into alignment.  The positive effects of regular sound meditation are very well scientifically researched and shows that the mind can reach a 'chatter free' place. This added mind peace and body alignment will support you to feel deeply connected to yourself.  

Everyone's experience is unique, and this will depend on your intention and how you are feeling physically, mentally and emotionally.  After the treatment, there will be time to discuss your experience and to explore how you are feeling,  together we will go through this and you will have a drink to help ground you before you go on your way. 

Sound Healing treatments are 1.5 hours (Please allow 2 hours as a precautionary measure) and cost £45.00. 

You can contact Sarah and enquire more, or book your treatment here