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Yoga bolsters are ideal companions for settee comfort, meditation, yoga and Pilates. The bolster perfectly complements your yoga/sitting cushion. Thanks to the lightweight filling, the cushion adjusts to fit your sitting position, helping you to maintain your posture optimally and offering support and more legroom when you are sitting cross-legged or in the lotus position - the ideal conditions for relaxation.


When discomfort is experienced in the hip joint, knees or ankles, additional support can be provided by the Knee Pillow or Bolster and Support Cushions. Placing the support pillow under the knee will raise the knee up reducing the torque on the knee joint.


The Rebalance Collection has been designed for comfort, affordability and simplicity. Every cushion has been prepared by hand, all providing alignment and comfort for the mind and body. 


Materials used – Polydupion – Faux silk on some designs – Zip – Filling Beans & Lavender (please state when ordering if you do not wish to have Lavender inside the cushion) 

Size –large 32 inches long, 9 inches Diameter/76 X 38 Cm – small Length 45 Cm, Height 20 Cm


PLEASE CONTACT SARAH FOR COLOUR RANGES AND PLACE YOUR ORDER DIRECT WITH HER - prices start from £18 for a small size ranging up to £28 for large